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Dont try to keep your left arm straight

Dont try to keep your left arm straight in your golf swing as it can have massive detrimental effects on the way you swing the club. If you watch the top players of today at the top of their backswings they are keeping their left arms straight but what people don’t seem to realise is that their arms are comfortably straight and not tense. This is in sharp contrast to a lot of my first time clients who have extremely tense left arms and left hand grips.

Why keeping your left arm straight is bad in golf

Not only will trying to keep the left arm straight lead to elbow injuries but it will also cause you to hit the ball short distances. This is because when the left arm is straight it spreads tension into the hand and wrist also. When the left hand grip and wrist are too tight this will then prevent the wrists from hinging in the correct manor. Then in order to get the golf club to the top of the swing people will then tilt the body to the left or over turn the body. Getting the correct wrist hinge in the golf swing is vital for creating power as it increases the club head speed if done correctly.