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Dont Keep Your Head Down In The Golf Swing

One of the most common golfing myths that I hear my clients tell me is that they are told Dont Keep Your Head Down In The Golf Swing. This thought is usually put into someones head by an inexperienced coach or a playing partner trying to help out. When people top the ball on the course the playing partner will say, you lifted your head on that one when in fact the topped shot could have been caused by a number of factors. Don’t keep your head down in the golf swing as it will restrict how your body turns.

Keeping your head down is a golfing myth

Although sometimes people can straighten their posture angles on impact causing a topped shot, the fault does not lie solely in the head moving. I like to tell my clients that rather than trying to keep your head down try to keep your eye on the ball because if you try to keep your head down this will cause you to tilt on the backswing and it will prevent you from transferring your weight in the correct manor on the through swing, which in turn will reduce the distance that you hit the ball.