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Distance Control With Putting

Good distance control with putting is vitally important to keep the 3 putts off the scorecard. You can put a lot of pressure on your short putting skills if you’re leaving your first put 10 feet short or long. If you watch the pros do it they can judge a 50 foot putt to within a meter and the only reason why they can do it is because they have their mind set on the right thing. Obviously their feel is amazing because they practice a lot but even with the correct mind set great putting can be achieved with little practice

Distance control putting

Most people that don’t control their distances with putting have the wrong mental focus when performing the task. They will be thinking mainly of the stroke and not about the actual focus, the target. When you roll a ball in bowling you don’t think about how far the arm goes back and how much force you impart on the through throw, instead, you focus on the target and allow your subconcious mind to tell the arm exactly what it needs to do. The subconscious mind moves the muscles in the body so if you let your subconscious brain take ove