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Distance control pitching

Learn Distance Control pitching now. There is a big difference between the average club golfer and the best players in the world from inside 100 yards – golf pitching distance control is super important here. The top players have the ability to control their wedges sometimes to the nearest yard. A big contributing factor to this is that they practice this part of the game for several hours every day but I will give you a drill to do when practicing which will allow you to start controlling your distances very accurately within just a few balls.

Golf pitching Controlling distances

To pitch the ball different distances with your wedges you need to understand that the backswing needs to be different lengths. Let’s say I want to hit my lob wedge with a full swing I know that this will make the ball go 90 yards, but if I wanted to hit a 60 yard shot with the same club I should only swing the hands back to 9 o clock in the backswing. Once you are at a stage where you are doing this subconsciously a great way to practice is to hit the shot to a target and then say the yardage to yourself after you’ve hit it. If you are going to a target 60 yards away and you hit it 5 yards short then say to yourself 55 yards. Your brain will factor this in and on the next shot will do a slightly bigger swing and within just a few balls you will be controlling your distances very well and will know how far back to swing the club back for a range of different distances.