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Curing Your Chipping Yips

I know a lot of professional golfers that have practically quit the game because of the chipping yips. Chipping yips are similar to short putting yips. They are created initially by a bad technique, this causes the player to either fat the shot or thin it through the green but then sometimes, even when the technique has been fixed, the player will continue to be nervous over the ball because he has messed up so many times from this position before. Chipping yips are something that need to be addressed early on otherwise they could stay with you for the rest of your golfing life.

Fixing the chipping yips

The featured video explains practically every exercise you can do to get rid of your chipping yips, including cleverly devised distraction exercises to focus the mind on something else whilst hitting the shot so you don’t think about messing it up. These distraction exercises vary from breathing exercises to flow routines, shaping your chips as well as switching hands. Switching hands is normally always the final resort but can sometimes be the only way to guarantee that the yips will not come back. It will take you a little while to gain the feel the other way around but over time could be the best option.