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Curing The Shanks

Curing the Shanks is a must if you want to enjoy golf.  If you’ve ever been plagued by the shanks you will know how destructive they can be. A shank is a shot that hits the neck of the golf club and veers off to the right at a violent angle and the tendency is that once you’ve hit one you can continue to hit them for the rest of you’re round of golf. There are many contributing factors to hitting a shank and sometimes even when the technical fault has been cured the occasional one will still happen due to the fear of hitting one.

Fixing your shank

In this video is a brief outline to what a shank is followed by the major causes of shanks and how to fix them. Shanking can caused by many things including an into out swing plane, standing too close to the ball, casting the club in the start of the downswing and flipping the club over too much at impact. Sometimes even a simple awareness task of trying to hit the toe of the golf club can cure the shanks but other times getting to the route cause of the problem is the only way which will involve some simple golf coaching to get you back on track.