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Correct ball position for golf

Having the correct ball position for golf when playing a shot is important to ensure that you can transfer your weight properly through the shot and square the club face up to the target correctly on impact. There are 13 clubs that you perform the full swing with in a set and each of them are different lengths. It is because of this that when we play a shot with each of them they all need to be positioned in slightly different places to ensure that the club face is pointing at the target on impact.

What is the proper ball position for golf

With every shot in golf the ball needs to be left of center. The extent as to how far left depends on the length of the club. I like to teach the variable ball position which basically states that SW-7 iron are played just left of center, then as we move further down the irons the ball moves progressively more towards the left foot until we reach the driver which is played around about in line with the left heel. The only time that I would move the ball right of center would be if I wanted to hit the ball lower.