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Compressing The Golf Ball

What is the meaning of compressing the golf ball? You will only know that when you have done it for the first time. If you can compress the ball correctly you will basically impact the ball and the ground at the same time then you will take a divot to the target side of the ball. The strike will feel really solid when you compress the ball for the first time and the distance that you will achieve with a good compression will be far greater than if you catch the ball a little thin.

Achieving a good compression on the golf ball

To achieve a good compression of the golf ball your swing plane needs to be steep enough to create enough downward momentum so make a divot so you need to make sure that you have enough wrist hinge and that your arm swing is on a steep enough plane. Providing these two things are in place you then need to make sure that you have the correct impact position, this being that the hands and hips are more towards the target than they were at address. If you have both of these things in place you will hit down nicely on the ball creating a divot on the target side of the ball and creating a great compression and big distance.