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Bunkers Plugged Lie

The bunkers plugged lie can be a nightmare for a lot of golfers and can often ruin a scorecard. It actually isn’t that difficult a shot to execute providing that you have an understanding of how to play the shot. A plugged lie is when your ball lands in the sand and stays in it’s pitch mark, normally only half of the ball will be visible in a plugged lie. The way that you would execute a shot from a plugged lie varies a lot in comparison to a normal green side bunker shot which is why a lot of golfers have problems with this type of shot.

How to play a plugged lie in a bunker

When playing a plugged lie in a bunker the set up is completely different to a normal bunker shot. You stand with your feet pointing to the right of the target as a pose to the left and you have a closed club face at address instead of an open one. The reason for the closed club face is because when your club face hits the sand the face will open and return to a square position. The ball position for a plugged lie is slightly back in the stance, this will allow a steep angle of attack into the ball. For the swing you want to hinge your wrists more on the back swing then punch down into the sand with no follow through. This punching motion wants to be aggressive with lots of acceleration.