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Bunkers Downhill Lie

This bunkers downhill lie shot is pretty tricky and one that not even the pro’s feel completely comfortable with especially if the downslope is severe and the lip on the bunker is high. The challenge with a downhill bunker is getting enough height on the shot for it to get over the lip of the bunker so if the downslope is too severe or you are not 80% confident that you can get the ball out you may even want to consider playing out backwards away from the hole or to the side.

Playing a Downhill Bunker Shot

When setting up for a downhill bunker shot it is important that you get your shoulders perpendicular to the downslope, this will help you to get underneath the ball on a regular basis. The ball position should be back in the stance and your weight should be on the front foot, both of these set up changes will allow you to achieve the correct shoulder position. From this position the swing is pretty similar to a regular bunker shot where it is predominantly performed by the arms with a stable lower body and no weight transfer then on the through swing the task is to continue keeping the club face open as you swing through the impact zone. When you execute the shot expect the ball to run out more than with a conventional bunker shot and allow for this.