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Bunkers Ball Above Feet

Playing the Bunkers Ball Above Feet shot is a tricky position to be in and one that requires the correct know how to get out of on a regular basis. The tendency for most people when they are faced with this shot is for them to take too much sand and leave the ball in the bunker. The reason that they do this is because they don’t know the correct way of how to set up as there are some subtle change to the aim and posture that need to be made in order for this shot to be executed correctly.

Tips to play a bunker shot with the ball above your feet

When the ball is above your feet in a bunker the first thing that you will need to do is change your aim so that your body is facing to the right as the ball will fly off to the left when you hit it. Once you have done this the next important change that you will need to make is to grip down on the golf club and stand a little taller in your posture to compensate for the ball being above your feet. The swing itself will be the similar to a normal bunker shot although you may struggle to swing from out to in as much because when the ball is above the feet it will encourage a flatter swing plane.