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50 Yard Bunker Shot In Golf

If you were to ask the top players what was the hardest shot in golf they would probably say that it was the 50 yard bunker shot. The reason for this is that the golf swing in a bunker requires acceleration to get the club moving through the sand, but there isn’t a club in the bag that goes 50 yards if you accelerate through with a full swing, even a lob wedge would go 70-80 yards if caught cleanly in a bunker.

How to play a 50 yard bunker shot in golf

There are two ways to approach the 50 yard bunker shot , one is to play it with a lofted club and open the face slightly and the other would be to hit a less lofted club but take about an inch of sand. If you are going to hit a lob or a sand wedge then you will need to make sure that you catch the ball cleanly where as if you hit a 9 iron you will need to take some sand in order to take some of the distance from the shot. With both shots it is important to have a bit more weight on the left side to help you to get that descending blow into the ball on impact.