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Golf Swing Tips

The golf swing is a complicated movement because it involves pretty much ever single body part moving to form it. We believe that the art of good golf coaching is for the coach to be very technically minded, but for him to be able to get his message across to the student without over complicating things. That is why we have designed and filmed a series of golf swing tips videos which feature extremely easy to perform tips and drills that will soon fix all of your swing faults. Please check out our free taster videos on tips for the golf swing. These videos cover tips and drills for the most common faults in the golf swing. Our never before seen tips and drills have been accumulated over the last 15 years and have been tried and tested on thousands of different golfers and are guaranteed to fix your swing faults.

Free Golf Tips

The videos are clear, concise and to the point and they cover the most common swing faults witnessed over my 15 years in coaching. Our golf swing lesson videos include tips and drills to cover all areas and faults in the swing, such as “How to stop your over swing, how to stop swinging across the line, how to perform your backswing plane correctly, how to perfect your takeaway and how to hold your posture angles better in the golf swing to name but a few. What you will notice about our drills is that they are very original and not the bog standard drills featured in most of the other instruction materials. Our drills have been accumulated over a number of years with the help of several PGA master professionals who have been responsible for a number of wins on the USPGA and European tour. After watching the videos please feel free to post any comments or questions and we will endeavor to answer any queries you may have within a short period of time.