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Top 4 People not to be on the Golf Course


BDGOLF TV talk about the Top 4 People not to be on the Golf Course.  Below are the 4 main examples of poor mental games along with solutions to change each mindset…

1. The Nervous Golfer
2. The Angry Perfectionist Golfer
3. The Analytic Perfectionist Golfer
4. The Negative Thinker Golfer

If you feel that you fall into one of the above categories, here are some simple tips to help you to sort your mind out;

1) The Nervous Golfer

It’s a well known fact that “motion creates emotion”, so you need to work on a more positive physiology when on the course. Try doing a pre shot routine where you stand behind the ball with a very positive physiology where you are also visualising the best possible outcome for your shot.  Don’t walk into the ball until you have made a firm decision on the shot, e.g. what club to hit vs. the lie, wind conditions etc. Take a deep breath and walk into the ball confidently, don’t give yourself time to doubt it just get in there, get comfortable and hit.

2) The Angry Perfectionist Golfer

Angry perfectionists usually have unrealistic expectation levels. If you are one of these people ask yourself these questions…

1. In order to feel successful what % of fairways would I like to hit in a round of golf?
2. What % of greens in regulation would I like to hit?

Usually people who get angry with themselves think that they should be hitting every shot straight with a perfect flight and strike, where as if we look at the Tour statistics we can quickly see that even the best ball strikers in the world are only hitting 75% of their shots straight. Hopefully once your expectation levels are in check and more realistic, you will get less angry.

3) The Analytical Perfectionist Golfer

This type of person reacts to a bad shot differently than the angry person; if you are one of these people you will have a very active brain.  Normally over analytical people will be accountants or analysts by trade . If you are this type of person you will be continually adjusting your technique even after just one bad shot, you will continue changing your swing thoughts during the round until your head is so full of thoughts that you can’t hit the ball, this is called “paralysis by analysis”. If you think this is you, you will need to get your expectations in check first and then you’ll need to realize that if you want to keep your golf consistent, you have to keep your thinking consistent, especially during a round.

4) The Negative Thinker Golfer

If you fall into this category of golfer you will struggle to reward yourself, when you hit a bad shot you will beat yourself up and when you hit a good shot, rather than celebrating it, you will say to yourself, “its about time I did that”! If you look at the best athletes in the world they are the complete opposite, they celebrate the good shots with fist punches and ignore the bad ones showing no emotion, just look at Roger Federer for a classic example of this. The reason why they do this is because when you attach emotion to something, you remember it. That’s why our brains can remember things like birthdays and holidays more than average days where nothing special took place. The same applies to golf, if you attach emotion to any type of shot this will stay in the forefront of your mind and then, when you’re faced with the same situation again, you will recall that same memory.  With this in mind, make sure that in the future you are recalling the memory of a good shot rather than a bad one.