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The Importance of the Right Arm in the Golf Downswing


The position of the Right arm in the golf swing is the main cause of why people, especially better players, lose their posture angles at impact and thrust their hips. Hip thrust is caused by early extension, most golfers try to square the clubface up my rotating the forearms, but in doing so, this causes the right arm to extend out too far from the body then the body compensates by straightening up through impact. This straightening of the body acts as a shallowing move, allowing the golfer room to get the club back on the ball without shanking it. This however can lead to a dreaded flipping of the club because the moment the hips thrust forward there is very little hip rotation, the right hip will be working more upwards as a posed to downwards (DTL). When the hips are relatively square to the ball line on impact the arms then have nowhere to travel and then the clubface will flip over.  Below are the key positions and things to be aware of  which highlight The Importance of the Right Arm in the Golf Downswing and it’s relationship to hip thrust.

1) Get the right elbow travelling towards the belly button up until impact.
You want to feel as if the right arm is still bent on impact.

2) Due to this excess bend of the arm on impact you will now need to increase your degree of forward hip tilt   but you will naturally want to do this.

3) You will now also need to increase your degree of hip turn to square the clubface up, as this would previously have been achieved with the early extension of the right arm. Get the left hip to turn backwards and upwards whilst the right hip turns downwards into the ground, this will help you to square the clubface up.

For me, my problem was always with hip thrust and early extension, then one of the most valuable lessons I ever learnt was to swing to the top of my swing, pause, and then do my regular downswing in slow motion into the ball, I would then stop at impact and notice where my club came to rest. With the early extension it ended up further away from my body because I was extending my right arm out too much but in slow motion I didn’t do my usual hip thrust to compensate. This was a real eye opener for me. It taught me how close to the body and bent the right elbow really needs to be in order to not early extend. I then did the same thing again, swung up to the top, paused and swung down into impact, only this time feeling the right elbow much closer to the belly button. This time I delivered the golf club directly in behind the ball but the face was open. This taught me that I now have to use my body rotation to square up the clubface as a pose to the forearms that I previously had used.

Try using this drill of swinging to the top, pausing, then slowly swinging down into impact, see where your club comes to rest, and then learn from it.