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Strong grip vs weak grip

Screen Shot 2015-03-18 at 2.19.18 PM

Over the course of the last 10 years the golf grip has changed from a more neutral position where the thumbs go more straight down the club to a stronger grip where the hands are both rotated more too the right, but why is this?  bdgolf.tv analyse the Strong grip vs weak grip.

The strong grip in the picture on the left over emphasizes the grip being used by a lot of Tour players today, however many adopt a grip where the hands are more around to the right than the neutral grip (shown right). So why do they do this? The reason is thought to be that when the grip is stronger, the clubface doesn’t rotate open as much on the backswing (because the arms are already rotated to the right at address). Less opening of the club face on the backswing means that in the downswing the club face will be less open and will require a lot less manipulation or use of the hands to square up the face. “So what’s so bad about using the hands to square up the club face?” you say. Well basically, the hands contain fast twitch muscles that are likely to let you down under pressure.  At bdgolftv, we relate the golf swing to the task of driving a nail into a block of wood with a mallet as seen below…

inner golf_5The reason that we relate our golf swing to this task is because it’s a similar task to golf where you impart forward force on an object with an instrument, but it allows our clients to disassociate themselves with conventional golf swing techniques and encourages them to try out new things and experiment. What we’ve found interesting, if you’ve ever tried this before, is that most of our clients will adopt a much stronger grip than normal when performing this task. Most will comment that the strong grip enables them to keep the club face much more square to the swing path in the back swing and that it puts them into a stronger impact position. If you’ve been struggling with consistency recently, maybe try adopting a stronger grip; be aware though that now you will have to try to keep the club face open through impact rather than trying to close it like before.