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Review of Aimpoint Putting Seminar


Last week I had the opportunity to study with the founder of Aimpoint Mr. Mark Sweeney. Aimpoint, for those of you that don’t know, is the latest theory in green reading, that is currently being adopted by several players in the worlds top 10 including Justin rose and Adam Scott. Below is a Review of Aimpoint Putting Semina …

The main theory behind Aimpoint is that you use your feet to measure the severity of the slope, once you then know the severity of the slope (which usually will go from 1-5), you then convert that to how many fingers you hold up at the hole.

E.g. if I felt the slope was a 2% gradient, I would hold my arm out in front of me and outstretch 2 fingers, I would look through my dominant eye and touch the fingers on the low side of the hole then where ever the outside of the other finger came to rest would be my Aimpoint. This is based on greens which are around 7 on the stimp meter. If the greens were faster I would need to calibrate that by moving my hand closer to my body approximately 1 inch per extra number on the stimp.

e.g. Let’s say the greens were running at ten on the stimp, I would bring my arm 3 inches closer than if I were putting on a green that was 7 on the stimp meter

So once I’d adopted the concept I went to put it to work, I wouldn’t say that I immediately started rolling in balls from 40 feet but the reads were generally good and there were also occasions where I would never have read the putt that way using my old reading technique. For me Aimpoint is not a guaranteed method for precision green reading as there are too many variables involved like…

1) Slope severity
2) Green Speed
3) Grain
4) Uphill or downhill

To be able to factor all of that in to one equation could take time and you may end up increasing your doubt as to if you’re aiming correctly. For me, Aimpoint is a guideline from which to start from then once you have a rough idea of the line you can then visualize and try to feel the exact line from this starting point. All in all was it worth the $150 I paid for? Yes, I think so and would recommend you all try it.