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Learning Golf on a Simulator vs the Driving Range

driving range imagesimulator photo

Taking the decision to make some changes to your swing is a good one and, providing you find the right coach and put enough time into making the changes, will help you to enjoy your hobby a lot more in the future. There are arguments for and against Learning Golf on a Simulator vs the Driving Range. Below I will summarize the pro’s and cons to learning indoors and out.

Arguments for learning golf indoors on a simulator

– The reason I as a coach like coaching on a simulator with live streaming cameras is that there is no attachment to where the ball is going which allows the student to get his/her mindset onto the swing changes only. People get far too caught up on ball flight when they’re on a driving range and their concentration is diverted away from making changes to the motion of their golf swing.

– Learning golf indoors, especially in Thailand is good as it is in an air-conditioned environment, which will stop you from getting sweaty and bitten by mosquitos in the evening.

Arguments against learning indoors

– You don’t get to see the flight of the ball, which can sometimes give you
Valuable feedback and confidence as to where you are hitting it

– Hitting indoors can sometimes be boring

Arguments for learning outdoors

– The same camera technology and ball flight monitors can be used as indoors with quite often the camera quality being better as there is more sunlight

– It’s more fun to see the flight of the ball and it can give you more feedback that what you are doing is correct

In summary, my best advise is that if you are a relative beginner and/or someone that easily gets annoyed with or attached to ball flight, then it would be better for you initially to make your swing changes indoors providing that you have the live streaming cameras and coaching analysis program. This will allow you to do the necessary drills without getting bother about ball flight. Once you have made the major changes to the swing then there is nothing wrong with going to the range but I would only do that if you have good cameras there to look at your swing a high percentage of the time.