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3 Simple Ways to make a golf swing change faster

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When making a golf swing change discovering the fault sometimes can only be half the battle.  Actually implementing the changes for some can be quite difficult.  Below are 3 Simple Ways to make a golf swing change faster.

Use Your Awareness 

Let’s say your holding it too hard and you can seem to stop doing it. This is because too much of your focus is on hitting the ball and not enough on the motion of the swing. If we were to grade grip tension, with 10 being a really tight grip and 0 being very loose. Simply measure your grip pressure before the swing, it might be a 7/8/9, then keep thinking about the grip pressure throughout the swing (don’t think about hitting the ball), after each shot grade how hard you were holding the club. After 10 shots hopefully you will find that you will have released your grip pressure to the correct tension level which is around a 4 or 5.

Break the move down into bite size pieces

If you are trying to make a change but can’t get it straight away with a full swing try doing half swings, you can even set yourself in a position at the top of the swing, pause, and then start down from there.

Feel an extreme of what is right and what is wrong

Some people’s sense of feel is not as good as others so if this is you, you will need to feel an exaggerated version of right and wrong. Example, if my swing is too narrow at the top, I should try to feel very narrow then very wide, then I just need to go somewhere in the middle of these two.