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3 reasons why having a tilted spine is so important in the golf swing

set up

It is a little known fact amongst many golfers that the top players in the world all do something in common. When they set up to the ball they all tilt their spine 5-10 degrees away from the target. This can be achieved either by bumping the hip towards the target, lowering the right shoulder or a combination of the two depending on how in balance your body is. So why do they do this? Below are 3 reasons why having a tilted spine is so important in the golf swing.

1) It allows them to get their weight fully behind the shot without swaying laterally away from the target on the backswing. This in turn leads to maximum power potential.
2) It aids them in maintaining this same degree of tilt at the top of the swing which stops them from reverse pivoting. This goes a long way in preventing an over swing.
3) It allows them to start the downswing correctly by bumping the left hip whilst allowing them to maintain their head position. (People that start with their spine too centered, have to let their heads drop back and away from the target to create space that they should have had at the start.

Go to the driving range and give it a try, it is one of the most important fundamentals in the golf swing. Initially tilting the spine to the right may cause the swing plane to become a little bit flatter so be prepared to steepen the swing plane if fat or thin shots occur.