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3 Keys to Fixing Hip Thrust in the Golf Swing

Woods 12

Hip thrust, also known as loss of spine angle and for want of a better term, “Goat humping”,  is when you swing into impact and straighten up your body angles to allow the golf club to hit the ball. It is a common fault of many golfers and can lead to pushes to the right or a flipping of the club head causing pull hooks. The main cause of this problem in my opinion happens in this sequence….

1) The clubface is open on the back swing (Not parallel to the spine angle at waist height on the backswing DTL)
2) This causes the right arm to extend too early in the downswing in order to close the clubface
3) This throws the hands and club head away from the body (DTL)
4) The body then needs to straighten up to create enough space for the club to hit the ball (as if you were to maintain the same amount of hip tilt at impact as you had at address and still extend the right arm too early, you would almost certainly hit the shank of the club or miss the ball)

What most golfers don’t realize is where the right elbow needs to be on the downswing, in the correct golf swing the right elbow needs to be moving towards the belly button with the right arm in a bent position on impact enabling the extension of the right arm to happen after impact. This position however, is impossible to achieve if the clubface is open, as the club would be pointing to the right of the target on impact. The 3 keys to fixing Hip Thrust in the Golf swing are…

1) Make sure you clubface is parallel to your spine angle at waist height in the backswing (DTL).
2) Move the right elbow in towards the belly button on the downswing keeping the elbow bent until impact.
3) Square the clubface to the target by turning your body instead of flipping the club (Feel like you are staying tilted over the ball)

The feeling that you should get is that you are holding off the extension of the right arm and hitting the ball more with the turn of the body rather than with the arms.