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Category Archives: Golf Blog

3 Reasons why relaxing will get you a better looking golf swing

Tension is a killer for the golf swing, and a lot of the time it’s caused by overthinking. The dangers of modern day golf coaching and advancements in golf swing analysis technology is that people are striving so hard to achieve a perfect golf swing, that they sacrifice having a smooth flowing, relaxed motion. Don’t […]

Strong grip vs weak grip

Over the course of the last 10 years the golf grip has changed from a more neutral position where the thumbs go more straight down the club to a stronger grip where the hands are both rotated more too the right, but why is this?  bdgolf.tv analyse the Strong grip vs weak grip. The strong […]

3 Simple Ways to make a golf swing change faster

When making a golf swing change discovering the fault sometimes can only be half the battle.  Actually implementing the changes for some can be quite difficult.  Below are 3 Simple Ways to make a golf swing change faster. Use Your Awareness  Let’s say your holding it too hard and you can seem to stop doing […]

Top 4 People not to be on the Golf Course

BDGOLF TV talk about the Top 4 People not to be on the Golf Course.  Below are the 4 main examples of poor mental games along with solutions to change each mindset… 1. The Nervous Golfer 2. The Angry Perfectionist Golfer 3. The Analytic Perfectionist Golfer 4. The Negative Thinker Golfer If you feel that you fall […]

The Importance of the Right Arm in the Golf Downswing

The position of the Right arm in the golf swing is the main cause of why people, especially better players, lose their posture angles at impact and thrust their hips. Hip thrust is caused by early extension, most golfers try to square the clubface up my rotating the forearms, but in doing so, this causes […]

Review of Aimpoint Putting Seminar

Last week I had the opportunity to study with the founder of Aimpoint Mr. Mark Sweeney. Aimpoint, for those of you that don’t know, is the latest theory in green reading, that is currently being adopted by several players in the worlds top 10 including Justin rose and Adam Scott. Below is a Review of […]

Tiger Parts with Foley

So Tiger Parts with Foley!    This has been coming for a while now, the main reasons being a loss of form due to his back injury. Tiger Wood’s has removed himself from being considered for a Ryder Cup Wildcard. The next time he will tee it up will be December where he will enter […]

3 Keys to Fixing Hip Thrust in the Golf Swing

Hip thrust, also known as loss of spine angle and for want of a better term, “Goat humping”,  is when you swing into impact and straighten up your body angles to allow the golf club to hit the ball. It is a common fault of many golfers and can lead to pushes to the right […]

Learning Golf on a Simulator vs the Driving Range

Taking the decision to make some changes to your swing is a good one and, providing you find the right coach and put enough time into making the changes, will help you to enjoy your hobby a lot more in the future. There are arguments for and against Learning Golf on a Simulator vs the […]

3 reasons why having a tilted spine is so important in the golf swing

It is a little known fact amongst many golfers that the top players in the world all do something in common. When they set up to the ball they all tilt their spine 5-10 degrees away from the target. This can be achieved either by bumping the hip towards the target, lowering the right shoulder […]