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Category Archives: Golf Blog

How to get a Handicap in Golf

If you have reached this point in your golfing career it probably means that you are now shooting around the 100 mark. A golf handicap is a system that has been put in place by the USGA and the R & A golf club of St. Andrews the two major golfing governing bodies. Handicaps basically […]

Golf Rules

Golf is a sport that has so many different variables and is played over such a wide expanse of land, because of this so many different situations can arise with regard to the golf rules and these situations have to be governed by a set of laws.  The two main governing bodies in World golf […]

How To Take A Golf Divot

Many people ask me How to take a golf divot when hitting an iron shot and is it important. The answer to this question is yes. When hitting a shot ideally you should be impacting the ground on impact with the ball, a divot then occurs to the left of where the ball before it was […]

How To Cure Your Golf Slice

So How To cure Your Golf Slice?  Out of all of the golfers I have taught that can get the ball in the air, a large percentage of them tend to slice the ball rather than hook it. For those of you that don’t know, a slice is a shot that starts left of the […]