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Category Archives: Golf Blog

3 Reasons why relaxing will get you a better looking golf swing

Tension is a killer for the golf swing, and a lot of the time it’s caused by overthinking. The dangers of modern day golf coaching and advancements in golf swing analysis technology is that people are striving so hard to achieve a perfect golf swing, that they sacrifice having a smooth flowing, relaxed motion. Don’t […]

Strong grip vs weak grip

Over the course of the last 10 years the golf grip has changed from a more neutral position where the thumbs go more straight down the club to a stronger grip where the hands are both rotated more too the right, but why is this?  bdgolf.tv analyse the Strong grip vs weak grip. The strong […]

3 Simple Ways to make a golf swing change faster

When making a golf swing change discovering the fault sometimes can only be half the battle.  Actually implementing the changes for some can be quite difficult.  Below are 3 Simple Ways to make a golf swing change faster. Use Your Awareness  Let’s say your holding it too hard and you can seem to stop doing […]

The Importance of the Right Arm in the Golf Downswing

The position of the Right arm in the golf swing is the main cause of why people, especially better players, lose their posture angles at impact and thrust their hips. Hip thrust is caused by early extension, most golfers try to square the clubface up my rotating the forearms, but in doing so, this causes […]

Luke Donalds New Swing 2014

After winning numerous tour events on the world stage, topping both the race to Dubai and the PGA Tour money list and holding World number 1 status for a cumulative total of 56 weeks, Luke donald decided to change his swing. During an interview he mentioned that he’d thought long and hard about it and […]

Fix your Slice For Good

Learn how to Fix Your Slice for good.  Out of all of the golfers I have taught that can get the ball in the air, a large percentage of them tend to slice the ball rather than hook it. For those of you that don’t know, a slice is a shot that starts left of […]

Golf Swing Tips – Stop Coming Over The Top

This is a very common fault experienced by a lot of my clients, below are the common causes of why people come over the top on the downswing and a drill of how to cure these faults.  Backswing cause The club head over rotates open too much and comes too flat around the body in […]

The Correct Golfing Grip

Before you even attempt to look at your golf swing, you need to address the key fundamentals of how to hold the club as a large majority of swing faults are caused by these fundamentals not being in place. Lets say that you are not hinging your wrists correctly, this is quite often caused when […]

How to create a good Impact Position

How to create a good Impact Position in golf?  Well, a good impact position is created by a number of different things… 1) Having the correct concept of how to get the ball in the air 2) Maintain the position of your spine angle on the backswing 3) Lagging the club well on the downswing 4) […]

5 Top Tips to increase Driver Distance

People always want to hit the ball further, it certainly reduces the size of a golf course and allows you to make more birdies. Over the years I have studied the long hitters and what has enabled them to hit the ball so far. Tiger’s ability to drive off his right side in the downswing […]