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Golf Swing Tips®

Free Golf Videos


Our Free Golf Tips section includes a range of 35 golf tip videos that offer helpful, free advise on how to cure many of the common swing faults such as How to compress the golf ball better or how to get a better tempo or timing. These videos are tried and tested drills that have already benefitted 100,000's of golfers throughout the world so don't delay and have a browse through them now. If you have any questions in relation to your own golf swing faults simply post your question on the bottom of any of the golf tips pages and we will try our best to help you in the shortest time possible. Alternatively, you can email me at ben@bdgolf.tv to discuss having in person individual or group training or online golf tuition. Please also ready our weekly blogs that cover informative, original and up to date articles on all aspects of the game from tuition, to the latest equipment technology and helpful tips on golf psychology.

Learn The Hammer Swing

Our one hour feature length golf video on The Hammer Swing talks you through the fundamentals of how to set up with this method, it then moves on to the basic concept of The Hammer Swing and then how to develop the motion. It then finshes with a fault finding section at the end. Never before has a golf swing method been so easy to learn.

A Revolutionary concept

The Hammer Swing is the very latest golf concept that re-writes the fundamentals and motion of the golf swing. It relates the golf swing to the task of hammering a Nail with a mallet. Simply by thinking of this task, you will develop a technically perfect golf swing with minimal thought. The Hammer Swing instantly cures clubface and plane issues, it increases power and improves your impact position and shot direction. It does all of these things in a natural subconscious way due to the intuitive, task lead learning style that it adopts, allowing you to make drastic changes to your swing with minimal swing thoughts, hard work and tension.