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1Golf Tips - Drill To Stop a Flat BackswingBy Ben Davenport
2Golf Tips - Curing The ShanksBy Ben Davenport
3Golf Tips - Stop Swinging Across the LineBy Ben Davenport
4Golf Tips - How to Stop Topping a BallBy Ben Davenport
5Golf Tips - How to Increase Your DistanceBy Ben Davenport
6Golf Tips - How to Read GreensBy Ben Davenport

"After watching Ben's video I feel like
I'm in much better control of the golf club"

- Tim, U.K.

"This is the first video I've seen on golf that
hasn't confused the hell out of me, thanks Ben"

- Patty, Arizona

"After 25 years of playing, I've finally managed to hit
a draw consistently, owe you one Ben!"

- Richard, Florida

"I watched the DVD then went out and beat my
best score by 10 shots! A must watch!"

- Jackie, London

"I can now go and play in a corporate event with
confidence and without the fear of embarrassment!"

- Herb, California

"I can't believe how much I'd been over complicating things.
My swing thoughts are long gone and I'm playing some natural golf!"

- Victor, Hong Kong

Golf Swing Tips, Online Golf Lessons & Tuition

Professional Golf tuition by Ben Davenport ®

A comprehensive beginners guide to all aspects of the game ranging from the long game to chipping, bunkers, pitching and putting. Never before has the golf swing been broken down into such a simple movement. Learn how to analyse your own swing with our easy online golf guide. The guide is equipped with an easy to follow fault finding section. Simply identify what the problem shot is, then go through our fault finding sequence checklist to find the necessary cure to your problem. As well as the fault finding section the guide also includes many different performance enhancing drills to enable you to get the most out of your practice and lower your score.

How To Play Golf

Our two hour feature length golf video for beginners talks you through the basics of how to set up to a golf shot correctly. It's easy to understanding golfing concept is then thoroughly explained in the simplest way to help you achieve your goals as a golfer. Our step by step guide of how to progress from beginner to winner is mapped out in a clear, concise format that can be understood by anyone. Along with the full swing, the video teaches you the techniques to play all of the other shots in golf including the short game, recovery play and awkward lies.

Perfect Golf Swing

Our free professional advice is available for any of your golfing requirements in relation to the golf swing. Please read our online golf tips section which covers all aspects of the game from short game to long game right the way through to the mental sides of golf. If you have any questions in relation to your own golf swing faults simply post your question on the bottom of any of the golf tips pages and we will try our best to help you in the shortest time possible. Please also ready our weekly blogs that cover informative, original and up to date articles on all aspects of the game from tuition, to the latest equipment technology and helpful tips on golf psychology. We have also set up 20 free videos which include various different drills to help you improve your golf swing and short game. They are very concise yet easy to follow so please enjoy them and hopefully they can bring you some improvement.